There's No Time To Explain #11: Zeke Berkley

20160322 203036I have a conversation with songwriter Zeke Berkley, who just released his second solo album, Berkley II, which I had the honor to review ahead of its release earlier this year. We talk about his craft writing songs, how he puts together albums, and deals with criticism. We discuss the lost of his best friend and musical collaborator, drummer Hunter Cook, and how his passing shaped Zeke's solo efforts. Zeke performs two songs in my studio and I pester him with questions about the definition of the word, "dignity" which involves, somehow, the plot of the Vince Vaughn screwball comedy The Watch. Zeke uses my podcast as a platform to rave about the Tom Cruise flick The Firm and then we delve into the cultural worth of The Star Wars prequels, Episodes I-III, which Zeke loves so much he should probably marry them. We then write a song together about the Phantom Menace, in which I try and fail to harmonize and play the tambourine. We call out people on the internet with similar names as us, including the other Brian Parra, the owner of the unhyphenated I rant about the concept of cultural appropriation in light of the recent viral video concerning dreadlocks and confess to being a teenage cultural appropriator.

Acoustic performances from this episode
Sink (Acoustic) by Zeke Berkley [File Download]

Dignity (Acoustic) by Zeke Berkley [File Download]


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