There's No Time to Explain #2: Larry Mendoza

LarryMI have a conversation with Larry Mendoza of the Road to Reason TV Show and The Beltway Atheists. I ask the question, "What's Wrong with the Liberal Left?" Larry lists three issues that we only begin to discuss when he casually mentions he owns 23 snakes. We cannot help but discuss snakes (and what kind of metal Larry listens to when he's hanging with his snakes) for the next 45 minutes. Larry gives us the first installment of the segment, "I'm Not An Expert, But..." where he tells Stephen Hawking to get off his lazy tush and get cranking on figuring out the universe.  I wax poetic about the meaning of love in a vast and chaotic cosmos and give a movie review of The Revenant, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, based on the true story from American history of mountain man Hugh Glass, a fur trapper who survived being mauled by a grizzly to be left for dead by his companions. The episode ends with a live (and poorly sung) recording of the song "Abraham Lincoln" by my old band, The American Cheese Band, which has a verse I wrote about Hugh Glass.

Larry mentions these bands during the podcast:

Eluveitie (Celtic folk metal hailing from Switzerland)

Amon Amarth (Melodic Viking death metal)

Ensiferum  (Finnish Folk Metal)

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