Designs by Brian Parra

My grandfather, Robert R. Parra, was constantly fashioning little gadgets to solve annoying issues he encountered like keeping track of index cards or organizing all the television remotes.  His house was filled with little trays, carts, and holders he made for himself, usually out of wood or plexiglass that would sort, organize and otherwise solve whatever issue was vexing him at the moment. I spent my childhood playing around in his woodshop making all sorts of little trinkets and I aquired the same sort of knack (curse?) for thinking up solutions and would often spend hours trying to create little devices and work-arounds.  
I have, over the years, come up with solutions for minor issues I've encountered and offer them up here. If you have the same problems and think my solutions would work for you, drop a few bucks and try them out and offer me some feedback.  I'd love a picture of you putting these to use. Nothing here is gonna save the world, but might make your day go a little smoother.

The Pocket Square Root

A device designed to keep your folded pocket square from slipping out of place in your suit coat pocket.
Details Coming Soon